Wednesday, April 11, 2012

In the last two years, I have moved from a more traditional grading system of tests and homework to a standards based grading system where I grade students on various "skills" such as operations on fractions. I tend to gather their grades through quizzes (which are directly related to two or three specific skills) and projects. I'm loving how this works as it gives me a lot of information about what students are good at and what they are challenged with. At the same time, I've used almost daily exit cards in my math classroom for the past 8 years. I love these formative assessments because they allow me to get a quick "dipstick" into where my students are as a lesson progresses.

My problem (I guess not really a problem, more of a question) is how do I combine the two (standards based quizzes and exit cards)? I don't really want to start "grading" the exit cards but should I somehow include them as they do show student understanding of a particular skill. Does anyone have a thought on how I could combine the two (or if I even should combine them- maybe I should just keep using them as I do)? does anyone combine both SBAR and exit cards in their classrooms (math or otherwise?)

Any feedback would be great!


  1. I guess I would use exit cards to inform your instruction, as all assessments should be used. I use them and tests and take it all in account when giving the final "grade." We assess using Beginning, Developing, Secure, and Exceeding. I usually like to have students show me 2-3 times they are secure before I say they are, so an exit card would be one of those checks.

  2. Becky's idea make a lot of sense. I could see a sports analogy forming in your class. Homework is like practice (many opportunities to freely explore new things and make mistakes). Exit cards become scrimmage (more focused and structured, including explicit feedback from the 'coach'). Quizzes are the game.

    I think you have a nice system going here, Eric!